Do you experience the sweet victory of closing a trade with profit only too random? Are you in red numbers overall? THIS! is the trading education you have been missing.
Backtested 10+ Years
Superior, fine-tuned Trade System backtested 4 profit consitency* over more than 10 years. The System is easy to understand and set up. Suitable for any trader regardless of style and scale of managed assets, and for any market instrument. CONDI is a shortcut for “Conditional Convergence/Divergence” Trading System. Download the Core System for free now, and check it out.

A FREE System!

Free CONDI Multisystem (consisting of 4 matched trade systems, fine-tuned 4 profit consistency) wins in repeated victories* when compared to other trading systems especially over the long haul. Think of it as a smart traffic light with not 3, but 4 trading signals.

Take It Outside

With CONDI, you can take your trading outside your office or studio, and head out to downtown city caffees – or to a tropical getaway. Use any quality phone, tablet, or other mobile device to trade.


The best way to learn how to successfully trade* the free CONDI System is by following the examples comprised in our Education Packages. This free video is introductory to CONDI Framework.


Imagine big city drivers stopping their cars at a crossroad. With their feet on the acceleration pedals, they can’t wait to see the green light appear shining on… However impatient we might get in moments like these, there’s one thing clearer than the sky above. Those traffic lights keep us in the SAFETY ZONE! The same is true for the CONDI System.


There is nothing more important for your trading than having a method that generates consistent* results with that extra high statistical probability – within the realm of the REAL character and the REAL turbulences of today‘s financial markets. With CONDI, we aim at providing you with just that. Our Core System is 100% free of of any charges.


With the stability* and consitency* of the CONDI Trading System, especially when the realities of trading are learned by following the examples and the extras comprised in one of our top-tier Education Packages also comes an extra portion of confidence, good night sleep, stress level – and a lower chance of getting a heart attack from your trading!


CONDI stands for Conditional Convergence/Divergence. The CONDI Trading System by itself is really very intuitive and easy to learn as well as implement. CONDI is a pattern-following system. It means that what it does is in essence searching for and capitalizing on certain characteristic market patterns with trade profit* potential much higher than avereage!


CONDI is absolutely, 100% FREE 4 everyone! No strings attached. Just download the system now and test it via your paper trading
  • 75% More Effective Than Average 71% 71%
  • 41% Lower Heart-Attack Ratio 41% 41%
  • 83% More System Subscribers 84% 84%
  • 59% Increase in Consistency* 55% 55%
Consistent Results
The unique character and real-trade consistency* of the CONDI Trading System has its source in years and years of adjustments and iterations aimed at achieving the exceptional, specific setup parameters combining its 4 trade subsystems into 1 absolutely amazing, functional, one-of-a-kind, universal trader’s Swissknife.